Monday, March 9, 2009

Jen x 11.

Artist Jen Khoshbin, whose book sculputures I highlighted in a previous post, here , is the curator of a new artistic project titled Jen 11 . Basically, eleven women named Jennifer have grouped together with the purpose of creating art of their choosing to add to this "Jeneration" of artistic endeavors.

I adore the premise so, I headed over there and previewed some of the talent and I was floored by some very lovely, ethereal pieces, especially those of:

Jenifer Altman

Jen Gotch

and, last but not least by any means;

Jen Renninger

If you want to see a few other samples of all eleven of these lovely ladies talents, head to the above link.

Three galleries will be showing this exhibition:
Artstream Gallery
Rochester, NH
April, 2009

Calgary, Canada
June & July, 2009

Lakewood, CO
August & September, 2009

If you're a lucky bluebell and reside in any of those three areas, I highly reccomend you scoot over there and set your eyes on some artistic beauty.
It'll cheer you up!

Sunny Side Up!,

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