Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My best birthday party

consisted of a Lamb Chop birthday cake, and a rousing game of "put your right hand in, put your right hand out..." lead by Barney, the now disturbing purple dinosaur, except, Barney should've have been named Barnadette or something because, as you can hear being whispered by a few of my little friends on the videotaped evidence, BARNEY IS NOT A LADY!!

Justifyingly, also evident on the tape in question, I was peeved at this development and hence made my mother miserable by my complete lack of appreciation for paying the enormous amount of money I'm certain was called for in order for this atrocious excuse of an overly excited, fat, and apparently transgendered purple dinosaur. In other words, I was being an ungrateful little brat and it is all recorded.

But, that Lamb Chop birthday cake was pretty freaking sweet though so, it sort of evens out. Well not really but, I did love that cake. I didn't even want to eat it but, I don't think it would've kept this long you know? It was my 6th birthday party, after all...

The point of this post is actually to point out another blogger's post.

Andrea helped little Ava pull off the 8th birthday part of her dreams with the requested theme being "Chinese".

Le post is here.

and you can see all of the birthday fun here.

Gosh, kids nowadays are terribly sophisticated, no?

So, my question, obviously, is what birthday was your favorite? What was the theme? What makes it stick out so vividly? What was the cake like? Haha.

Sunny Side Up!,

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