Monday, September 22, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera.

Hello loves!
How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was fantastic!!

I traveled by bus to NYC to see The Phantom of the Opera and there are no words to describe what an incredible experience that was.

We were seated IN THE FRONT ROW and, by front row, I mean we were so close that I could hear the performer's breathing.


We also traversed Madame Tussaud's wax museum before our 2PM showing.
Its quite obvious that I am unable to put my admiration and respect for such undeniable talent into words and so, I'll post a few craptastic photos and a clip olf my favorite part of the production.

New York, New York:

The Famous Sardi's (No I did not eat there but, have any of you? Was it worth it?:

Madame Trussaud's:

Francis Albert & myself:

My homegirl, Lucy & I:

The Phantom's Chandelier:

The Orchestra Pit:

MASQUERADE; the London cast but, you get the idea:

Its as if I'm still under its spell..I'm just dazzled.

Have you seen any Broadway productions? If so, which ones and if you've seen several, which was your favorite?

Sunny Side Up!,

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