Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures of MY wedding...

...except, its not exactly MY wedding..

Alison Conklin guest blogged over at Toujours Complexe over the weekend & she shared some of the most incredible wedding photos that I have ever laid eyes upon. \

The bride, Suzanne, had what I consider to be the ultimate sense of style; vintage with a bit of a modern twist. Check out the bright red lipstick (oh so 40s pinup), together with the thick eyeliner:

And, the otherwise understated makeup on her alabaster skin is absolutely gorgeous!

The bride told Alison, her photographer, that she first discovered her veil and then proceeded to design her entire look based on it:

Gosh, don't her bright blue eyes just pop?!

They make a lovely couple, as well:

God, it looks like they're standing in the middle of a medeival castle!

I cannot wait to create something a kin to this for my future partner and I.
Ohh, I can hear Glenn in the background as I type!

Have you got your perfect wedding all planned out in your mind as well? I think every girl has! If you're married, did your wedding pan out exactly as you had had planned since you were twelve?

Do tell!

Sunny Side Up!,


Rachel Michelle Lewis said...

A vintage style wedding would be fantastic. I think one styled 40s or 50s would be awesome for you and/or Heather. Me personally, these days I am totally feeling getting married barefoot under a tree and then jumping over a broom.I don't even care to wear white, I would love to wear green or brown. Yeah. Then the other half of me goes, "Princess Dress! A princess Dresss!!!!!" :]

Krista said...

Aw, thank you! I think so too! :)

I like that idea, too Rachel. It has sort of an earthy feel to it.. you could dress like a fairy! Ohhhh...