Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know all about Meee..

Haha. What movie is THAT from, kids?

Anyway, Ingrid posted these questions in her regular feature, Getting to Know You. So, I decided to do a short post for the sole purpose of participating and plus, its like a type of questionairre and I FREAKING LOVE THOSE.

1.birkenstocks or designer shoes- Designer shoes because, despite the fact that I can only afford birkenstocks, I find them hideously ugly and I would perfer to go shoeless.

outside or inside- This depends completely on what the weather is like.

hoping or planning- Planning because, one never gets anywhere hoping for things without planning a way in which to acheive what they are hoping for.

carrots or peas- Peas because, although I do like carrots, sometimes they leave that really nasty weird taste in my mouth..I can't explain that taste either but, its atrocious.

cheese or chocolate- Cheese because, I've never been a chocolate lover in the first place.

wristwatch or intuition- A wristwatch because, I like to be certain and I am not inclined to guess or go with my gut.

milk or juice- Plain, light SOYMILK because it is so good for you and doesn't have any of the animal hormones that cow's milk contains nor all the additives, sugars, colorings, and calories of a juice.
..Unless I get to have a Naked juice which is a different thing altogether.

creating or viewing- Viewing because, I'm not exactly the artistic type.

walking or running- Walking because, if you go at a brisk pace, you get just as much exercise as if you were running and it saves an awful lot of wear and tear on your knees and joints.

bouncing or rigid- I am partial to bouncy objects myself.

cozy or breezy- If its a light spring or summer breeze, I'll take that. They can often be cozy.

fancy or hearty- Mealwise? I like homemade, healthy food that leaves you satisfied so, hearty.

chuckle or guffaw- Both are swell.

whisper or announce- I like to whisper things myself.

lick or bite- Oh, a mixture of the two of course!

snuggle or grope- Same as above.

sing or listen- I do enjoy singing.

kiss or hug- Kisses are my preference.

wonder or discover- Its best to discover answers to things that we first wonder over.

anticipate or achieve- Believe ACHEIVE!

Sunny Side Up!,


ingrid said...

wonderful answers krista :) i love that you expanded on them :)

Krista said...

Thank you, dear.

I always explain my answers. Some people say I ramble, though. :-)