Monday, January 19, 2009

In Honor:

In rememberance of Martin Luther King, Jr ; I have gathered together a few things to share which I found to be of interest.

Washington, D.C., circa 1916. "Slaves reunion. Lewis Martin, age 100; Martha Elizabeth Banks, age 104; Amy Ware, age 103; Rev. Simon P. Drew, born free."

I cannot help but wonder, taking into consideration what advanced ages the first three individuals in the above photograph reached, if perhaps Mr. Drew lived long enough for his heart to swell with joy and hope as human beings of every age, color, and nationality were brought together by the activism, charisma, and wise words of this man:

Join with me in enjoying the entire I Have a Dream Speech, The March on Washington; August 26th, 1963:

As you watch this, keep in mind tomorrow's inauguration and the possibility that perhaps, finally, America as a nation is realizing the great satisfaction in the words; Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.

first image courtesy of Shorpy

Sunny Side Up!,

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