Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, the Joys of Public Television!

Forget Dora, pretend Yo Gabba, Gabba never existed; I miss Shari & Lamb Chop! I was four, five and EVERY SINGLE DAY I had to watch them. I bawled when they cancelled her in favor of that purple blob they called a dinosaur. A compilation including a swell variation on ?Do, Re, Mi:

And the part I liked best:

Along with Shari & her puppet posse, my father and I watched Mr. Roger's Neighborhood every night when he would get home from work. You know how he would occasionally visit different places of work within 'the neighborhood' and they would cut to the street to show that he was going somewhere? I would be sitting on the floor and I would pound my feet on the ground pretending to 'walk' along with him to the music shop or the bakery or what have you.

My all time favorite thing about this show however, was not "The Land of Make Believe." I was nuts for Picture, Picture:

Coincidentally, my brother's first favorite television show was Shining Time Station:

Can you believe Mr. Conductor was George Carlin ? I never understood how funny that was until years later, of course.
I am four years older than my brother so, I was getting too 'cool' for such shows by the time this came around but, I too, had a part that I secretly liked and no, it wasn't the "Thomas, the Tank Engine hullabaloo.
It was the jukebox!

Ah, now, that was great children's entertainment!

What were some of your childhood television favorites?

Sunny Side Up!,


ingrid said...

oh i totally remember sherry and lambchop. i remember looooving them and my older brother (by 10 years) shutting the tv off. *grumble.*

Krista said...

Ohhh, KILL.

That's right, Shari was around for many years, wasn't she?
Just playing with you. :-)