Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a Winner!

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The lovely Kate of Silents and Talkies just informed me this morning that I am a third prize winner in her Epic Art Giveaway , so I am the proud owner of a mini art print of her adorable Astaireing Contest:

ANDDD, to the rest of you, she is offering 50% OFF of your entire order of prints from any of her Etsy stores OR 20% off any original artwork from Silents and Talkies or Flapperdoodle .
Also peruse her other shop, Kate Gabrielle , for something with a little bit of humor!

Sunny Side Up!,


Meredith said...

you picked my fave :)

and also HI i didn't know if you would recognize me :D (darlingdelovely from lj) how have you been?

Krista said...

hi meredith! How in the world are you? :) I do, indeed remember you.

Meredith said...

very well thanks. :D halfway through college now which i find slightly horrifying.

Millie said...

Oh, congrats! I LOVE that print! I bought one last month.