Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love Lucy- The Not-So-Overplayed Best;1.

As everyone who has visited here even only a time or two know, Lucille Ball is my FAVORITE actress & comedienne.

I've decided to periodically post my favorite Lucy moments however, I'll be highlighting the ones that are almost always overlooked. That means, if you're expecting Lucy's infamous foray into candy making or that strategically placed wick-in-putty nose, you are looking in the wrong place but, I promise they'll make you smile.


Most likely.


I'm kicking it off with Season 6 episode; Ragtime Band, and the scene is the gang's rendition of Man Smart, Woman Smarter.

PS- Has anyone else noticed how every time Keith Thibedeaux (Little Ricky) plays the drums, he sticks his little tounge out? How adorable is that, right?

Sunny Side Up!,

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