Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Fill-ins..on a saturday.

I didn't get around to this yesterday so, I'll just post it late.

By the way, do any of you have any other really swell weekly memes to suggest for me to start participating in? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Those of you with multiple blogs or private blogs...if you could add your link to the Fill-Ins, that would be GREAT!

Questions courtesy of MindFul Mimi who had some thought- provoking ones this week; thank you, Mimi!

1. For me apathy is the opposite of creativity.
2. The Catcher in the Rye by JD Sallinger was the last excellent book I read.
3. I like fill-ins because well, to be completely honest, despite the fact that I enjoy questions that require a lot of mind power and the like most of the time, its nice to just be able to fill in the blanks on occassion.
4. In nature I like looking at blooming plants and flowers and baby animals the best.
5. I'm still undecided as to who I feel should win the US elections.
6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was last saturday while at a screening of one of Lucy's first ventures beyond Lucy Ricardo in the television special, K.O. Kitty It was a riot.
7. And as for the weekend, yesterday I went to the gym and continued reading Portrait of a Lady, today my plans included returning to the gym and finally getting food in the house that I will actually allow into my body and Sunday, I want to hopefully finish up Portrait of a Lady and watch Judgement at Nuremberg!

Sunny Side Up!,

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