Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, welcome my darlings!

I've had the idea of a personal record in blog form turning over in my head for quite some time and, on this dreadful (SNOWY....I cannot believe I just typed that..) mid-May morning, I buckled down and got busy setting up my little treasure trove in order to tuck away little rays of sunshine that give me hope, turn my frown upside down, and 'warm me up' (or so to speak.)

and so...

Shall we begin with a little Lucy?
(my friends who I've directed here, would expect nothing less!)

I've been been flipped "sunny side up" by this little light countless times in the past few months..

I present for your enjoyment,
Mr. Foster Brooks' contribution to the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast for Miss Lucille Ball circa mid-seventies:

Sunny Side Up!,

ps-I'm brand new at this so, bear with me but, how can I post the actual video as opposed to the link? Anyone?

2 comments: said...

I can help! Amazing!
Look for an "embed" code. Since I don't use Blogger, I don't know how to tell you to proceed from there, so maybe that wasn't a help.

Good luck with your new adventure in Blogonia.

Krista said...

Hmmm, thanks dear.