Monday, May 19, 2008

In case you've missed the few subtle hints..

I'll come right out & say it..
'Tis true.
Its been that way since age three, to be exact.

I collect memorabilia, own many Lucy movies & the entire I Love Lucy series.
(I'm working on Here's Lucy and The Lucy Show)

I bet most of you don't know about this but every year, Lucy's hometown of Jamestown, NY holds two festivals, the first being Lucy-Desi Days at the end of May and Lucy's Birthday Celebration at the beginning of August, as Lucy's birthday was August 6th.

Well, I am overjoyed that I will be attending Lucy-Desi Days, 2008 this coming weekend from Friday the 23rd until Sunday the 25th.
Jamestown is just about a three hour drive away from my current home base and, its really very scenic and it goes by very quickly.

Anyway, to make my point, I thought it would be cool of me to post a little Lucy snippet of something or other at least once a day, right here, on my little blog in honor of my upcoming weekend.

I hope that all of you at least some of you lovely fellow bloggers enjoy this idea of mine..if not..
..that's fine too..I guess..

To start, Here's an appearance Lucy made on my favorite classic game show, What's My Line?circa 1955, if I'm not mistaken.


By the way, the 'martian talk' that Lucy uses here was also used in the I Love Lucy episode, Women from Mars..
You know, the one where Lucy and Ethel climb to the top of the Empire State Building as part of a publicity stunt for an upcoming movie in order to earn $500.00 a piece so that they can donate to a charity headed by a wealthy former classmate of Lucy's.

Also, as an intriguing side story,
panelist Dorothy Killgallen was a very well known journalist of the era and after the assassination of President Kennedy, she took it upon herself to uncover the real reasons and perpetrator[s] behind the incident. Apparently, she found out some pretty damn incriminating evidence against someone or some establishment because, she was found murdered in her own bed seemingly after or during reading a book and this happened just weeks after she conducted an interview with Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas and she also printed secret transcripts from Ruby's trial.

(if this interests you, read a write up here.

Enjoy, if you please!

Sunny Side Up!,

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