Saturday, June 14, 2008

Imposter princess.

I thought this was pretty fascinating:

This is a sketch of a woman whose real identity was Mary Baker. In the early 1800's, Mary decided that she was going to go to a town in England and pose as a princess of a fictitious foreign island which she called "Javasu" and claimed that it was located somewhere in the Indian ocean. She even spoke her own "language".

She did a pretty swell job of it too because, the inhabitants of this area gave Mary the royal treatment for 10 weeks before she was ratted on by a woman known as Mrs. Neale who ran a lodging house in Bristol where "Princess Caribou" had stayed under her given moniker.

As it turns out, this woman was never charged with any crime and she later settled in England under her rightful name.

Pretty wild, huh?

If you could, who or what type of person would you like to be for a week, just to get a taste of a different lifestyle?

Sunny Side Up!,

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nat said...

That is great I love it. I think I would have to be a pirate. I just feel it in my bones. Actually I would totally give Vampire a try too.