Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ladies of the screen..

in a morph set to music:


How lovely and creative!

I spotted a few of my favorites.

Who can you see?

Sunny Side Up!,

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Richard said...

Hmmm ... what happened? I am pretty sure that yesterday this was a video.

I wrote some morphing software back in 1994 for one of my comp. sci. classes. It was a ctually a pretty tricky thing to do. Sadly, my prof. wasn't impressed, he was much more gaga over someone who had coded up a fractal. sigh. I had studied fractals over the past 6 years or so, so they were nothing new to me.

A fractal is just a mathematical equation – kind of like plotting a sine curve ... ooh! aah!

Yes. I am still cheesed off that Mr. Fractal got a better mark than I did on the assignment. Notwithstanding mine was more technically challenging.

So what is life's little lesson? It doesn't matter if what you do is hard or easy. People only rate you on the perception. So choose something easy and get rewarded for it. Save the difficult / stressful / high skill things for your own personal fulfillment.

(Another way of looking at it is like this: I could spend hours trying to find the right birthday card for someone. I now can do it in a few minutes, because as long as it is good enough, the odds are they won't notice it wasn't perfect.).

End rant tangent.