Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beauty in the face of hardship.

Jennine, of The Coveted, recently posted this about an exhibit currently being shown at the City Hall library in Paris, which she recently viewed on a trip. The photographs included are shot in color film which, in and of itself is a rarity for the era.

Shot by André Zucca for a Nazi propoganda writing entitled The Signal.

Jennine gives her thoughts on how a lot of women today are living in much the same detatched state as is shown in this photo essay of Parisian ladies in 1940s wartime.

A short post but, it does force me to reflect on how I, too, have seperated myself from today's reality and how it is time for me to do anything within my power to change the state of affairs in my country even by the simple act of voting against the current administration and anyone who wishes to continue on with a simiar agenda.

I, for one, am eager for us, as a country, to battle our way back into the light of economical prosperity, justice, and charity toward our fellow human beings.

I'm ready for change.

Sunny Side Up!,

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