Monday, July 14, 2008

So, besides contracting pneumonia..

my mother also caught bronchitis on our journey south.
Drat, the luck!

Aside from getting multiple diseases, it was determined during the course of our visit that it would be absolutely impossible for my older sister and I to cohabitate in the same home for any extended amount of time. There would end up being an inevitable feud most likely resulting in my being ejected from their home anyway. So, the whole moving to Georgia to further my education thing is off but, I do however, plan on relocating to the Peach state sometime in the future for permanent residence.

On the bright side, I came away with a lip piercing and two tattoos.

The coveted lip piercing:

My planned tattoo:

I'll post a photo of my purple fleur-de-lis as soon as I upload it.

The trip, as a whole, was a disappointment with my only seeing my best friend once, on the night that I got my lip done but despite that, I came away with a clearer sense of self and a lighter heart and I'm honestly not sure what has prompted this sudden clarity but, I'm really enjoying not being under pressure and constant worry at the moment.

So, are any of you hardcore body mods? Do you have one or two tattoos or piercings or does body modification not interest you at all?

Sunny Side Up!,

Sunny Side Up!,

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