Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stay tuned.

I have had an idea doing cartweels in my mind for the past few weeks and, it was brought on by the fact that my therapist suggested that I might find it helpful and therapeutic in itself if I were to keep a sort of journal. So, being that this is, in a way, what I consider Sunny Side Up! to be, along with a storage area for my favorite things, I have decided to record the story of my little, insignificant life up to this point.

I have decided to persue this project only due to the fact that I feel it may help me heal and, by spurting all of the ups and downs of my short, young life out here into the open so that I can leave them behind as opposed to allowing them to fester inside of myself, I will be able to move on in a much more complete fashion.

I am not begging you all to read my upcoming personal record, although I do hope that by my putting myself out here, unabashedly and uncensored I can help just one person make it through his or her struggle, just as Crystal has done for me. [However, I do not want to hear bullshit about how: OMFG, UR COPYING CRYSTAL!! STUPID BITCH, WTF???!!!11: First off, wow, you're showing your intelligence, cover that nasty shit up. And secondly, my story and Crystal's, apart from social inadequacy and the like, are like night and day so, your arguement, if you can call it that, holds no bearing. Thank you. :-)] I really don't give a damn if anyone beside myself and perhaps immediate family ever lay eyes upon it. However, I feel that in order to free myself, I need to tell my story in as full and complete a way as possible. Its terribly unhealthy and harmful for everyone's soul, I believe, to bottle things up which society has taught us to toss deep inside our closets and cover with fake smiles and a perpetually optimistic attitude.

So anyway, that's what's up.

Don't worry, it won't all be razorblades and emo poetry the likes of which would make ol' Bill Shakespeare roll over in his grave! I'll also continue letting you know what I like best on the Web.

Sunny Side Up!,

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