Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grace in Small Things; 3 & 4 of 365.

1.) The fact that last night, I purchased the following mini dress (and, I've always wanted a mini dress, mind you.) in this lovely paisley print in order to ease the stress that comes with transitioning from winter to spring because, its a swell stress reliever. Hey! I bought it to better myself, 'kay? ;-)

2.)Whenever my kitchen is stocked with scrumptious apples, grapes, pears, and other miscellaneous fruit stuffs to add to my vanilla yogurt as a delicious alternative to a great big piece of cake.
3.)The fact that my cat woke me this morning by snoring at an incredible sound level for a cat and, in my drowsiness, allowing that dream I was having to continue ever so slightly into the first few seconds of consciousness because, he sounded so similar to a male of the human persuasion.
4.)In all seriousness, my therapy sessions and the fact that I've finally kicked myself in the ass enough times to return to them on a regular basis because, although I often do not want to go that day, when I leave, I'm ever so glad I went.
5.)Taking walks on days that are fairly decent for such an activity with my IPod blasting in my ears, causing me to speed walk to the beat.

And number 4:

1.)The satisfaction I feel as I close the cover of a book that I've just finished.
2.) The excitement and joy of choosing what I would like to read next.
3.)I know its bad but, I love cracking my knuckles. It feels good, I can't help it.
4.)Every time someone is surprised by my taste in well, everything.
5.) Waitress , (2007); and Andy Griffith portraying a dirty minded, lovable old curmudgeon of a man.

Sunny Side Up!,

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