Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pros & Cons of Online Retail Therapy.

These arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

Carnival Dress- $39.99 (No longer available on website.)

City Lights Ballet Flats - $29.99 (Which I have to return for a 6 as opposed to 6 1/2. See me roll my eyes?)

Sweetheart Roses Ring - in purple- $11.99
All items from Modcloth .

I have a confession to make. I spend money frivolously on clothing any chance I get which granted, is not very often. At least I pay my bills first and foremost though which makes it not half as bad, right? Sometimes I feel guilty though but, I know I shouldn't. I mean, I also give to others as much as possible so, you couldn't really call me selfish. I decided this list would get posted so as to remind me of the good and bad points of something that, if left unchecked, could be a very big vice.


1. It gives one something to look forward to in an otherwise mundane, routine exsistence.
2. In turn, it brightens one's mood.
3. It assists in building one's good credit.
4. It makes for a wardrobe that is nearly entirely unique and often unexpected.
5. Which, in turn, makes for great conversation starters. (Lord knows, I can use all the help I can get in that respect.)
6. A gal can get, in most cases, exactly what she's been coveting as opposed to settling for something 'close to it.'


1. Its hard to judge what size will be appropriate. This goes mostly for shoes because with shirts, pants, dresses, you can go by your measurements.
2. In that same vein, when an item arrives and its not the right fit, its a hassle to box it back up, ship it back out, and await the proper size's arrival.
3. With the web right at one's fingertips, its a frequent battle of resisting temptation.
4. That credit card bill that arrives promptly at the beginning of each month. (If we could eliminate this one small detail, I could handle all the other piddly cons on this list.)

Hmmm, seems to me that the pros outweigh the cons, eh?
Well, that makes me feel better, I must say & much less guilt ridden.

And what about you, love?
Share with me some vices of your own.

Sunny Side Up!,

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